At Andre Fremaux & Associates, our mission is to find the perfect fit for the organizations that we consult with and for the individuals that we are recruiting. In most instances, we will be focusing on individuals with a very specific skill set. These individuals are very talented and have the ability to absorb and retain technical information. They convey this information to clinicians and business associates in practical and common-sense terms.

The market sectors will include Medical, Dental, Laboratory and Industry Engineers. As noted, this description covers a few market sectors, which include only a very select group of elite individuals.


Andre Fremaux & Associates, “building one career at a time".



“Andre demonstrates an excellent knowledge of business  and is focused on winning. I have been very impressed with his positive  attitude and leadership qualities... He is not afraid to act decisively  and make tough decisions when needed. He has all of the potential to  succeed at this level and move up as far as he would like to within the  company. He is a true asset and deserves a lot of credit for setting up  the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast to perform quite well in the  future. I truly enjoy working with Andre’ and know that he will be  successful.” 

-Tom Sheehy 

Area VP, East South Gulf 

St. Jude Medica


 “Andre is a very polished and professional manager. I  worked with Andre for several years at St. Jude Medical and he was  highly respected by his coworkers and customers.Andre is a diligent  hard working employee with strategic vision and a broad understanding of  his markets. He would be an outstanding member of any team!!!” 


- Chris Johnson, Regional Sales  Director, St. Jude Medical  



“I have known Andre for years and have always been very  impressed with his professionalism and leadership ability...I have seen  him first hand lead a team to reach almost impossible goals. Andre  possesses a natural leadership skill that representatives will want to  follow him. He is able to lead very diverse groups of sales rep to  capture a specific goal. He has the experience and the knowledge to  understand the company’s goal while leading his team to achieve their  goal. He is a true winner!” 

 - JC Campbell, National Sales Manager, SafeStitch